Day One on the Road

The Logos Road Trip is underway!

After some hectic last minute packing, I hit the road today with my wife and two children for the first leg of the trip. We made it to Portland, OR with just enough time to grab a bite to eat before setting up at Life Christian Center.

Scott Lindsey, Logos’ Director of Ministry Relations, was visiting Portland with his wife, so he joined me and made the bulk of the presentation. Scott spends a huge amount of time on the road demonstrating Logos while I am in the office, so I really appreciated a chance to see him in action. He did a great job introducing Logos Bible Software 3 to a mix of existing and new users, one of whom drove over an hour to join us.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, and especially to Life Christian Center for hosting us. Tomorrow night: Shasta Bible College in Redding, California!


  1. Steve Maling says

    As one of those present last evening, I thank you one more time. It was a great evening for a grand event. When I finally turned in last night I kept thinking to myself, “What a great thing this is for the worldwide Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
    Travel in safety, in joy, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.
    Now I’m going to place my order for the Orignial Language Library.

  2. JD Henderson says

    Scott and Bob,
    It was a pleasure hosting you and the Road Trip last night. Our church was honored to be a part of the launch of the latest version of Logos. What a powerful piece of technology this is! It will be a major blessing to many. Great first day! Thanks for letting us be a part.
    JD Henderson
    Sr. Pastor, Life Christian Center.