Of the Making of Books (Part 10)

Today’s guest blogger is Ken Smith, General Manager of Electronic Publishing Services at Logos.
(This is the next installment in a series of articles about our nearly 60 publishing partners who market their own electronic products using our technology.)

Baker Publishing Group
If you’ve been following this series from the beginning, you might remember that the first installment pictured a 1996 product from Baker. As one of our longest-standing partners, Baker Publishing Group has been involved with a number of projects, both as electronic publisher and licensor.

That first Baker product included just four books, but introduced some stellar reference titles like the Evangelical Commentary on the Bible and Topical Analysis of the Bible, both by Walter Elwell.

In July of 1998, Baker released a greatly expanded collection, titled The Baker Digital Reference Library, with twenty titles covering a broad range of topics including theology, apologetics, counseling and a new-fangled thing called the “Internet”.


Baker followed this with two author-focused collections: The R.C. Sproul Digital Library and The Norman L. Geisler Apologetics Library.

In recent years, Baker has partnered with us by licensing a number of significant commentary sets and other core reference titles. These include Hendricksen and Kistemaker’s New Testament Commentary, the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament, and the 27 current volumes of the Boice Commentary Series.

Stay tuned for more great electronic resources from Baker—coming soon!
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  1. Mike Thomas says

    I was wondering if you have any publishing partners besides the SESB that have produced works in German using the Libronix technology. Given the number of Logos titles that have German references cited, perhaps a German/English dictionary, grammar, theological terms lexicon etc. would be helpful. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Philip Gons says

    I’m glad to see that Logos still has a good relationship with Baker. I hope it continues as Baker has some great stuff. You know, Baker does have the rights to the ten-volume set of Warfield’s works. :)

  3. Keith Larson says

    Any word on updating the LSS books in the Baker Digital Reference Library and in the R.C. Sproul Library? I have been eagerly awaiting this for years. As an end user, is it possibe for me to contact Ken directly to encourage Baker to do this?

  4. I too would love to see the Baker Digital Reference Library titles upgraded to Libronix resources.

  5. Charles Reed says

    I am interested in some of the Baker Exeg Comm of NT. But not all – some volumes are better than others. Can’t you negotiate to sell them singly, as one does with printed books. I would appreciate not being locked in to buying books in sets, but rather just buying what I can use.
    Also as a missionary with a very limited budget, the higher costs of all or nothing with regard to sets prevents me from getting some of the resources we need. Thanks