Logos Curry 2006: Columbus’ Loss

We mentioned our Sixth Annual Logos Curry Cook-Off last week and promised recipes of the top three curries.

Bob Pritchett’s curry “Columbus’ Loss” garnered the most votes in our 2006 Curry Cook-Off. Bob’s notes on the recipe are brief:

Here’s the recipe.

I used boneless chicken thighs and ground ginger. And the strongest cumin I’ve ever tasted.
— Bob

So if you like curry, check it out and slip it in the recipe box. The folks at Logos approve!


  1. Hmmm. The CEO wins the company’s Curry Cook Off. Coincidence?
    congrats, Bob

  2. Less curry – More Mac! (please)

  3. Nicole Dossey says

    I sure miss the Curry Cookoff’s. I made this recipe tonight for dinner. Very well done Bob. It was a big hit.