Fire Someone Today!

Bob’s book Fire Someone Today just hit bookshelves this week!

Despite the ominous-sounding title, the book is about a lot more than managing personnel in an organization. In fact, it’s a handy compilation of the lessons Bob has learned as an entrepreneur since, well, the age of six.
One of those lessons is found in Chapter 3, titled, “Nobody Loves Your Baby Like You Do.” With that in mind, we have decided to reward you for loving Bob’s baby (the book) and for helping it become a #1 Best Seller at

Here’s the deal…

You buy the book at Amazon before midnight on Sunday, April 16, and email your receipt to We’ll email you a $20.00 Gift Certificate good toward any purchase at

That’s right, is selling Fire Someone Today for $9.74 and we will give you a $20.00 Certificate at just for emailing your sales receipt to us after you buy it. There’s no catch.

If you’re a long-time customer of Logos you’ll want to read the book just to learn a little more about the company. If you’re in business yourself, you will appreciate Bob’s insight. If you’re a competitor, don’t read the book.

If you just want the $20 gift certificate, that’s okay, too. You can give the book to a business person in your church!

To learn more about Fire Someone Today, visit or the article about the book at

Update – 4/13 at 12:00pm – Thanks in part to you folks, Bob’s book is up to #30 on Amazon’s list of top-selling books and climbing steadily. This morning it was around 180, then 106, 63, and now 30. Which puts it just above the hardcover editions of The Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


  1. Is Bob going to publish a Libronix edition of his book? :-)
    I would have bought the book anyway…

  2. Charming book title. Just the thing to give the boss?

  3. Just out of curiosity — what/who determines the pricing of “Fire Someone Today” at
    The reason of the question was because it “fluctuated” from $9.74 to $8.99 within the first few days it first came out of the publisher for purchase.

  4. I just post a message just a little bit earlier.
    I would like to give my 2¢ worth **off-line** about the drop in price of “Fire Someone Today” so soon.
    I am not sure who determines the drop in price of the book. For those who have just placed their order within the last couple of days, the drop in price may be ‘frustrating’. I read from your general Newsgroup that at least one person ordered 50; for him the price difference adds up to a nice saving if he were to cancel the order and then re-place the order at the current lower price. This could be done because the order might very likely be still at the “Not Yet Shipped” status (because of the long weekend), and thus allows him to change his status if he so desires.
    For someone outside of U.S. (like me), the saving [that cancelling and re-placing of the order (at the current lower price) brings] may even be bigger because:
    o the duty when the package passes thru the border may be lower if the cost of the book is lower
    o the exchange rate multiples the eventually cost of the order, hence the lower cost of the book is more attractive and worth the effort and trouble of doing the order cancellation and then re-order
    I would like to point out what have come into my mind, because if I have this thought, others may very well have the same thought.

  5. Aaron Dutton says:

    For the curious, Logos sells an electronic edition on the Vyrso Christian Ebook store. It works with your existing Logos 4 software and is available here: