Meet the Staff: Guillermo Powell

Guillermo Powell heads up the Spanish department at Logos, which is responsible for creating and promoting our Spanish language products to North America and the world. Guillermo was also the subject of a recent post about his trip to Perú.

Did you know that we offer a growing number of Spanish language collections, a Spanish toll-free order line — (800) 570-5400, a Spanish website complete with product demos in Spanish, Spanish support articles and training articles? Well, now you know.

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  1. Socrates Torres, Phd says

    Pastors in Mexico miss the Spanish version of “All the Doctrines of the Bible” by Dr. Lockyer, published by Logos years ago.
    How could we get permission for taking an electronic copy of the book to the Internet?
    It has been a very blessing book for us, but we cannot buy it anymore.
    Waiting for your comments and clues.

  2. Guillermo Powell says

    Hermano Sócrates,
    Encontramos esta situación bastante seguido en las publicaciones impresas. No he encontrado en español este libro que usted menciona. Sin embargo si usted sabe que Editorial publicó el libro la primera vez en español, nos avisa y podremos ver la posibilidad de publicarlo en nuestro sistema. Gracias por su interés y comentario. Dios le bendiga, Guillermo