Logos Bible Software Desktop Backgrounds

Folks who plumb the depths of the Logos Bible Software website probably already know that we have a few desktop backgrounds available for download.

But if you are a newer Logos Bible Software user, or a new reader of this blog, you might not have found them yet. So check out this page that has all sorts of different resolutions of the two backgrounds we currently offer:

I’m a fan of Wallpaper #2, myself.


  1. Dave Webster says

    I love the first one, it has been on my tablet for over a year. I wish it was a teeshirt xxxl ofcourse….
    That on the front and the “facilitates serendipitous discovery” saying on the back…..I love that saying, and was stoked about the tee but didnt like the trendy 70’s style…not my thing, but was excited about the effort on the shirt….and the graphics on the bus….sweet.

  2. Gee, it looks a lot like a familiar OS X background. The Mac programming must be rubbing off on all of you.