Keepin’ the coffee warm

If you’ve read the Logos Bible Software Blog for awhile, you have probably heard us refer to the oh-so-cool automated espresso machine that does its part to keep Logos running smoothly.

And you’ve probably seen us refer to the Logos Clear Glass Mug. I use mine every day; it does the trick and does it well.

(pauses to sip from his double americano, no milk, no sugar)

But I don’t know that you’ve seen us extol the virtues of the Logos Insulated Travel Mug. This is a beautiful thing, it allows us to take 16 ounces of sweet java elixir from the machine out the door and on the road.

And it is the perfect conversation starter to tell your friends, neighbors, or even the person sitting next to you on the bus or train about your Bible software!


  1. Rick,
    I agree, it would make a great conversation starter to tell people about Logos Bible Software. I think Logos should use this as an advertisement cost and provide these mugs to their users free of charge. It would cost Logos up front, but who knows what that advertising could generate later on. If Logos buys the cup, i would be glad to advertise for them! :-)
    God bless!

  2. Slow blogging day(s)? :-)
    The cup is very cool though. I will buy one.