Meet the Staff: James Van Noord

James Van Noord, software developer (and long-time friend of the guy holding the camera), shares his special insight into what it’s like to write code for Logos.

Windows Media (2.0MB) | Quicktime (2.3MB)


  1. I just love these videos! However, you’re missing one very important person to film. JARED BRYANT. He’s over in sales. He’s the person who takes all of my orders. He’s the one that allows me to give your company money :-)
    He’s a great dealer! I recommend him to everyone. Please film him soon. He’s one of people I’m on the phone with the most when I call Logos.

  2. Mark Van Der Hulst says

    You haven’t changed a bit James! You are still the man in my book when it comes to development and specs of Logos. You were the one that convinced me to go digital/electronic. So much better than the musty old heavy dusty non-searchable books laying all over my desk. I have over 900 volumes of Logos and going strong!