Why a Vast Electronic Library is a Good Thing

Our customers need no convincing. A hard drive full of electronic reference books trumps a stack of dead trees, no question. But from time to time, I read comments from a reviewer or blogger who seems to doubt the utility or legitimacy of amassing a large electronic library.

Stories like the following testimonial from a pastor in Hong Kong, however, only confirm my deep belief in the soundness of our vision to digitize thousands upon thousands of Bible reference titles.
I’ll let the story speak for itself…

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am a Filipino pastor sent by God to Hong Kong to help minister to Filipino domestic helpers in this city. There are about 160,000 Filipinos in this city.

I preach and teach almost everyday except on Monday. The way the church is set up is quite different from other churches. We don’t schedule our church services. We open the church whenever the believers could come and met. If they are out on a Tuesday morning, then we have a church meeting on Tuesday morning. If it is Thursday evening, then the church meets on Thursday evening. Most of our church people have about 6 hrs each week for rest. They work 16-20 hours everyday. Some have just one day in a month for rest.

Ministering to this special group of people requires a lot of emotional and physical support. Our job includes fetching them frantically crying in the middle of the night, forced to leave their employer’s house when they are terminated. It could be midnight or 3 am.

Here’s where I get a lot of help from my Series X Libronix Library. I bought WBC the whole 58 volumes; Life Application; Handbook of the New Testament and other commentaries. They save me a lot of time when preparing sermons.

This is not to mention how much help I personally receive as I study passages to continue growing in the Lord.

And here’s the best part: Whenever I go to visit our church friends in the underground church, to teach the leaders, I get so much help from these commentaries. I have over 150 volumes of fantastic, scholarly, and helpful books in my computer. It’s like bringing a whole library with me.

Thank you Logos for offering such a gift to the Body of Christ. There’s no help like these books on CD-ROMs.


[Name Withheld]


  1. Weighing the Digital Difference
    I am a Mac user and anticipating the release of the Mac version of Logos Bible Software. When I heard that Logos was releasing a Mac version I wondered and weighed my decision if the digital library is the way to go. Literally! I have a Bible Expository Commentary on the Old Testament by Warren Wiersbe. It weighs about 1 kilogram or 2.2 pounds. I think it is about an average size for a commentary. My friend has a Scholar’s Library Silver Edition with 515 titles. If he didn’t have the digital library then he would have to carry around 1133 lbs worth of books. That is backbreaking to say the least; unless you have your own personal semi. I have weighed my decision and it is time to go digital! Don’t you think?

  2. I love stories like this, because it always makes me remeber how precious the Word truly is and how we take for granted the access we have to SOOOOOO many resources here in America. I have written to Bob in the past about getting more copies of Logos into the hands of people in exactly this persons situation.
    I would assume that Bob would love to be able to give away copies for free however with all the royalities and publishing contracts I know that is not possible.
    So how do, we the users and belevers of Logos come in? How can we get computers and Logos into hands of followers around the world? People who can’t just drive 3 miles to the nearby library or christian bookstore and look things up. Into hands of people who need this as much as if not more than we do.
    If anyone has ideas on how to do this, please post them.

  3. Is there any non-profit organization that is involved getting such materials into the hands of deserving users? That would allow Logos users to give tax deductible gifts.
    New languages are being added and in the future it will not just be English speakers who can benefit. It will be in Brazil shortly and I hope to help pastors access such tools.