Community Pricing titles closing in!

At the end of December, we put 10 new titles into our Community Pricing System. It’s fun to see which ones people latch on to and how fast (and how cheap they end up being)!

There are a few titles that are set to close today (Friday, January 6, 2006) at noon Pacific Time. Check ’em out to see if you want to get in on them at their cheapest:

History of Interpretation by F.W. Farrar just crossed the line yesterday and will move to prepublication next Friday.
There are some other titles that are getting close to the line:

Check out these (and all of the other titles we’re considering) and place a bid if you’d like us to do them.


  1. Gregory Sarwinski says

    I don’t know exactly where to post this, but I am wondering why the people who are interested in the community pricing products are not more active in their bidding? There are several titles right now which are approaching 80% of cost and above. One example is the series on the Life of Christ. If more people were to consolidate their bid under the current highest percentage bid, then the product would surpass the cost needed to publish the work. A little “community” effort would make more titles available to us at less expensive price. Thanks for your time.

  2. Daniel Foster says

    This is true, so long as the bidders are “consolidating” by raising their bids.
    Lowering bids to the most popular bid amount won’t change anything, as a bid at, say, $20 counts as an implicit bid at $15, $10, and $5.