Chafer’s Systematic Theology in Logos Format

We’ve had a lot of folks ask us about Lewis Sperry Chafer’s magnum opus Systematic Theology.

Logos has recently completed work on Chafer’s most popular work and you can even purchase it today. Right now, even, through the wonders of that thing called “the internet”.

And you might want to purchase it today. Logos has a special arrangement with the publisher and we are only licensed to sell a specific number of copies. That is, the Logos Bible Software version is a limited edition (no, I don’t know how many we have, how many we’ve sold, or how close we are to the limit). But when we reach that limited amount, you won’t be able to purchase it anymore. Our product page for Chafer’s Systematic Theology describes it this way:

Many users over the years have asked for an electronic edition of this estimable work, but we were never able to secure a license to it. Now, for the first time, the publisher has agreed to a contract that enables us to bring you this resource, though in a limited quantity. When we sell out of our limited run, this title will be removed and we will be unable to take any more orders. We have no reason to believe that this title will ever be made available again electronically once all available copies are sold. We encourage you to place your order while you still can!

So if you’re into Chafer, or find electronic access to systematic theologies valuable, you may want to check it out.


  1. Philip Gons says

    I’m very grateful for this important work. I’ve purchased it and every other ST availalbe for LDLS. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Mike Brown says

    Great book… might want to offer links to the download files on the web page. Customer service was a great help:)

  3. Dan Nelson says

    Considering that you can purchase the paper set for around $100 easily this seems pretty expensive. While I recognize the value in terms of search, index, etc of an electronic version and I do very much enjoy logos, an additional $75 seems pretty high.

  4. I am buying this one in hardcover. I love Logos, and have spend a bit of money building my electronic library. However, a hundred plus dollars for this archaic resource is just to much.

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  6. Gary McNees says

    CBD has the entire paper set for $49.99.
    This price is absurd in my opinion.