Camp Logos Cruise

Avast, ye scurvy dogs, are ye ready to set sail fer Alaska with “Cap’n Moe” and the Camp Logos crew?

OK, I don’t think it’s going to be a pirate themed event. But still, what could be better than hanging out with other Logos aficionados aboard the Sun Princess while eating great food, seeing some seriously impressive sights, and sharpening your Bible software skills?

The 7-day cruise leaves from Seattle, Washington, on July 23, 2006, and follows the beautiful Inside Passage to Alaska with 5 ports of call along the way. You will see Victoria, Ketchikan, the Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, and Skagway.

You’ll also benefit from a number of focused training sessions with Morris Proctor, certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris will lead group and individual sessions to take your Logos-assisted Bible study to the next level and ensure that you’re using the tool with optimal efficiency. And, of course, spending time with other users will be just plain fun.

Get the complete details and sign up for the cruise at the Morris Proctor Seminars website. The registration deadline is coming up soon, so don’t wait.


  1. uhmm… do any of us employees get to go for free?

  2. Kelly Johnson says

    If so, how can I become an employee?

  3. A cruise that departs on Sun and returns on Sun is not very ideal for most church staff members because air travel would require missing services on 2 Sundays. Starting and returning on any other day of the week at least gives us a chance of losing only 1 Sunday. Perhaps next time….

  4. Bob Cathey says

    I will have to see about some other pending activities during that time frame. Great idea