Syntax: Now in the 3.0 Beta!

The Andersen-Forbes syntax data is now available as part of the Libronix DLS 3.0 beta. The syntax stuff is 200+ megabytes of data, so we’ve split it out into a separate beta download.

Once you’ve installed all of that, you may want to know what to do with all of this syntax information. I’ve written a short LDLS Syntax Crash Course which is available in PDF format here. You may also want to re-read some or all of the articles in the syntax category on this blog. Or you may want to re-read my ETS paper on the subject.

We are interested in your feedback and your questions. You can leave them as questions in the comments section of the blog, or you can do it on the beta newsgroup forum at


  1. Chris Powell says

    All I can say is WOW! From the bottom of my seminary student’s heart, thank you – this is truly a tool that I will use. I just hope we get to keep the A-F product after the beta is over (pretty please!). This is one of the best Christmas presents I have ever gotten. I’m supposed to be studying for finals but all I want to do is play with the A-F syntax.
    One suggestion: This may already be implemented (I couldn’t find it if it is) but it would be nice if we could make the mouse over in the Analyzed text (as well as the phrase marker graphical representation) “temporarily dockable” via a shortcut key (like “CTRL” is for the information window) so that the information window can be disposed of to maximize precious screen real estate for the phrase marker module. I sometimes need to be able to see just the lexical form that is encapsulated in the mouse over (or the information window).
    Any chance that a GNT form of this will be available?
    Thanks again!

  2. Can’t wait. I’m on my principal computer right now (my laptop). I have the 3.0 beta running on a desktop computer in my office. I’ll add the addendum when I get back there. Thanks for your post! When will the NT stuff be available?

  3. Amazing. It’s such a shame more people haven’t heard about this place, this covered what I needed!!!