Block or Sentence Flow Diagrams

Another feature in the upcoming LDLS 3.0 release has to do with sentence diagramming.
Yes, we’re aware that there are more ways to diagram a sentence than you can shake a stick at (pun intended). One of these methods is the “Block” or “Sentence Flow” diagram.

The linked video presentation walks through using the new feature. It is all contained within the present sentence diagrammer. The steps are simple:

  1. Create a New Sentence Diagram document (or open an existing one)
  2. Insert a passage
  3. When inserting a passage, select the “As Wrapping Columns” option
  4. Enter the passage and version information
  5. Click Insert Passage

That’s it. Now you can click and drag text around as you see fit. I should note that I didn’t think too much about this particular block diagram. Looking at it in retrospect, there are things that need to be done differently. But since it is an LDLS document, I can just open the diagram and edit it later to clean that stuff up.

Video: 950×750, Flash, approx. 2 megs.

One cool feature here is that you can insert more than one column of text. So, as I did in the video, you could insert one column of Greek text and another column of English text, and match them up.
Or — hold on to your hats — you could enter different accounts of an event in the synoptic gospels and block-diagram them in parallel. You can use the stick diagramming symbols (like, say, brackets, lines or arrows) to draw attention to parallel groups or features. On top of that, all of the Visual Markup features are available in the sentence diagrammer.

All done? Go to File | Export. Look, you can save it as a PDF to show your friends, or to put on your web page or blog!


  1. David Phillips says:

    Nice work on this! It looks like it is extremely easy to use. Thanks for giving us a variety of ways to diagram. The ability to keep visual filters in the diagram is also a great feature.

  2. As an inductive Bible study leader the marking features anticipated in version 3.0 were the reason that I bought the product.
    To see that block diagramming is ALSO included in version 3.0 is a GREAT addition.
    I am already running the beta on two of our three computers and both my wife and I LOVE THESE NEW FEATURES!
    Keep up the great work, and thanks for the video!
    Brian Smith

  3. Until now I had been using BibleWorks 6 for diagraming. This knocks it out of the park. WOW!
    Also, can you tell us what program you are using to capture the work in Logos. Is it SnagIt or something else?

  4. James Garriss says:

    Unbelievably cool! I am so looking forward to this feature. –J

  5. Kevin —
    We use a couple of different programs to do captures. One is a program called Camtasia (link: ). The product I used to make this capture (simply because it is what is registered on my machine) is something called BB Flashback (link: ).

  6. I would like to place an order over the phone

  7. Art, please call 800-875-6467