Where Do You Live?

Our blog stats show that we get visitors from all over the world. Just for November, I see visits from Hungary, Israel, Singapore, Bahamas, Denmark, New Zealand, Brazil, Spain, and Japan, to name just a few.

Rick Brannan recently pointed me to a cool new site called Frappr (“Friend Mapper”) that’s a Google mash-up: it combines Google Maps with group labeling features.

I created a map for Logos Blog readers so we could meet one another. To add yourself, go to the Logos Bible Software Blog map and click “Add Yourself” in the right-hand column. You can add a photo and short message, if desired.

If you get a moment this weekend, stop by and say hello!


  1. My location is in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, but my APO zipcode seems to make your system choke. I could not add myself because my zipcode was not recognized.

  2. Daniel Foster says

    Ernie, it’s not actually our system…Frappr is a third party website built around Google Maps. :-)
    But if you go to http://www.frappr.com/?a=home when logged in you can place your marker wherever you like on the map.

  3. Well, as an European user, my city was not recognized either. Now I wonder how all those American tourists who swamp our city it the moment get to know about Innsbruck … :)