Syriac-English New Testament Interlinear

Syriac SlideAt the recent Society of Biblical Literature meeting in Philadelphia, George A. Kiraz, president of Gorgias Press, presented a joint project with Logos Bible Software to create an interlinear to the Syriac New Testament in electronic and printed forms. The electronic interlinear will become part of Logos Bible Software and the printed version will be published by Gorgias Press. A team of international scholars have already committed to producing the interlinear in the next three years.

Gorgias Press publishes a number of Syriac Bible resources. For more information on the project, including an overview of the specialized tools Logos built for editing the interlinear, download Dr. Kiraz’s PowerPoint presentation (226 KB).


  1. Have you folks considered a numbering system for your syriac vocabulary, similar to Strong’s numbering system for his Hebrew and Greek dictionaries? If so, did you know that there is already one in “The Condordance to the Peshitta Version of the Aramaic New Testament” by The Way International Research Team of
    We have used their books on the Aramaic NT since February of 1995 and have found them to be of tremendous help, though their interlinear translation is too inconsistent for us. We therefore have been working on our own translation which you can see samples of at our website of

  2. Will you be using the Peshitta/Peshitto texts, or the Old Syriac Palimpcests? I am greatly interested in seeing this type of software on the market.
    I also was curious to know what the projected date of this software’s release is. I can hardly waite.

  3. John Burton says

    I want a printed copy of the Syriac/english New Testament.

  4. ohn Woodard says

    Iwant a printed copy of the syriac-english new testament. Thank You, John Woodard

  5. diann young says

    Is there a way I could obtain a Syriac-English Bible? Thankyou…

  6. Voy Wilks says

    I send lots of literature and Bibles into prisons and am in need of a Syriac/English parallel Peshitta. Do you have these so I can order?

  7. Robert Gillyard says

    Anyone considering the purchase or use of The Aramaic Interlinear Bible published by The Way International might be interested in viewing the information on this website

  8. The information on the site mentioned above is put out by an individual minister who is hostile toward The Way; regardless of your position on the organization, they did do an admirable job of compiling disparate sources of Biblical research and combining them to make them more understandable to the masses, as well as had skilled language scholars . Please take that into consideration when reading his comments.