Syntax Papers from 2005 ETS Conference

As mentioned earlier on this blog, Eli and I presented papers at the meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) describing how Logos is moving beyond the word level into syntax of the original languages.

Eli’s paper (approx. 350 KB PDF) discusses our approach to issues of syntax in general, using examples from the Andersen-Forbes database to illustrate major points of implementation.

Rick’s paper (approx. 1.4 MB PDF) provides information on both Greek syntax datasets that are being worked on and short examples (and screen captures) of how this information can be used.


  1. John Fidel says:

    On page 4 of your paper you have a block diagram of the passage using the sentence diagramming tool. Is there an easy way to select text and move things around, insert a line, connect words into a phrase?
    I am working too hard at this and must be missing something.

  2. Hi John.
    I’ll look into making a short video showing what I did to make that block diagram and get that into the blog article queue.

  3. What is the date of the next conference?