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Thanks to one of our resident book experts (and book developer), Vincent Setterholm, we have launched a series of product guides on the website. So far, these guides provide a basic introduction to the categories and sub-categories of books available for Logos Bible Software in the areas of Greek, Hebrew, and Other Ancient Languages. We hope to add additional categories soon.

I think Vincent does a great job of guiding the site visitor through the plethora of Logos tools and texts available for biblical language study.
For example, did you know that we now offer 9 Greek grammars and 8 Hebrew grammars that range from beginning to advanced, learning to reference? Or that we have a growing number of tools for studying Aramaic and Syriac?

These guides help fill a need I mentioned in an earlier post here on the Logos Blog: a need for “…objectively-written guides to books on to help our users navigate the 5,000 titles now available for the system, much like a bookstore owner who offers suggestions based not on his own likes and dislikes but based on his extensive knowledge of what’s available.”
Thanks for leading us around a few aisles of the bookstore, Vincent!


  1. I think the articles are excellent and they probably sell books because they show you how useful much of this material is. I bought A Textual Commentary on the Greek NT mainly due to the informative articles.
    John Fidel

  2. I’d love to see a Logos for Dummies book. It would make a GREAT reference for those us who cannot afford the time and money for a camping experience

  3. Daniel Foster says

    Jeff, if you haven’t already seen it, the Libronix DLS Quick Reference Manual condenses many of the tips and techniques from Camp Logos into a printed, bound resource.
    The Training tab on ( lists the Quick Reference Manual, video tutorials, additional printed guides and a slew of free training articles.