The Lost Photo Shoot

The attentive reader of Bob’s Sept. 27 post will recall that he mentioned using the ECF volumes for a recent photo shoot.

We were shooting Bob for the Red Herring article and trying to come up with some creative images. The reporter said the more interesting the image, the more likely it would be used in the story.

As with many projects at Logos, this was a no-budget affair. Sean, the graphic designer and all-around art guy, brought in his digital SLR camera and we grabbed some lights from next door…

After getting out the ladder so Bob could climb up and stand atop the 15-foot wall, we abandoned the idea as impractical (not because it was dangerous but because the angles were all wrong). We considered going next door to the dusty, gutted-out building that is being prepared for us to inhabit soon, but that idea was discarded as being an irrelevant backdrop.

We like the aluminum sign that hangs in the reception area, and somebody suggested using some books as a prop. Next thing you know, we’re trotting back to one of the bookshelves to retrieve the Early Church Fathers volumes. Where else can you find a stack of uniformly bound books that reaches more than waist high?

Here are some shots of the shoot in progress…

The Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot

And here is the final product (downsampled, of course)…

The Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot

The shoot was a fun break from “the usual” and I think we turned out some quality images.

Too bad Red Herring didn’t use them in the story…


  1. A better shot might have been to take every hardback book in the Scholars Silver library and stack them around Bob while he holds the S.S.L. out for inspection.

  2. Why not take a shot of every book and journal, or a mock copy of it- that runs in Libronix – stack them around an individual, (try not to get covered) and hold a notebook with Libronix running in the background.
    Display a sign overhead that says take your library wherever you go. Would make for a nice photo shoot.