Biblical People

One of the neatest features supported in the next release of Logos Bible Software is the Biblical People database. It has been included in the alpha releases since the end of June, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to see it.

The example here shows a visualization of all of the biblically-attested relationships of Aaron. The graph shows everyone Aaron is related to and the nature of the relationship. Nodes in the graph are colored by gender, if known, and labeled by relationship. Every relationship is attested to by one or more Bible verses, shown at the left side of the graph. Clicking on a person’s name regenerates the graph with them at the center.

The graphs can be generated for any person in the Bible, and a specialized version of the graph is included in the Passage Guide to show all of the people in the selected passage and their relationships to each other.

Logos Bible Software is more than just an electronic version of a paper library. And it is tools like this that demonstrate how software can help you see and explore the Bible in ways you never could before.


  1. Very-almost-good!
    It looks like a family tree on whiskey.
    It is indeed a wonderful tool and I’m looking forward to getting it, but why generate the graphs in such an odd way?
    Why not generate it to look more like a traditional family tree?
    Shouldn’t Mother and father be side by side? Shouldn’t Moses and Miriam be next to Aaron as thier brother?
    Please before this tool leaves alpha/beta make it look normal.

  2. The relationships in the Bible aren’t all perfectly neat family trees. We are not documenting the family tree, just what the Bible says about the relationships. This means we might have uncle/nephew lines — a diagonal — without the accompanying up/down lines that would fill out the tree. Also, we’re plotting non-family relationships like maidservant, cupbearer, disciple, etc.
    The graphs do preserve a lot of the relationship hierarchy, but when Amram marries his aunt it is hard to keep things perfectly neat. :-)

  3. This is cool, it would be cool, also if there was a way to graph based on when people lived. To see, for instance, who Adam was able to tell the story of Eden to directly.

  4. That’s some interesting software. How much does the program cost? Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. I’d like to see this extended to support person/place intersections, as well. I’ve wanted to sit down and map out the various people/places mentioned in the New Testament as well as their intersections and see if anything interesting comes of it…
    Could also be useful for tracking things like events and references to a person (like the Assyrian in the Old Testament).

  6. Corey Adams says

    A great tool by the looks of it. Looking forward to seeing it come to a stable stage.

  7. Been playing with this for a while now – it looks great. I’ve noticed one error: Maacha is down as Asa’s mother. She’s actually his grandmother.

  8. I have Libronix DLS 3.0f and I don’t see “Biblical People” on my Passage Guide nor as an option in Preferences for Passage Guide. How do I get it?