Logos in the Local Press

Northwest Business Monthly Cover FeatureLogos Bible Software is the cover feature for the September 2005 issue of Northwest Business Monthly, a regional business magazine.

One of my favorite selections,

“There is a lot of great technology and ideas, but you build around the customer not the technology,” [Bob Pritchett] said. “I think that’s what happened with the whole dot-com phase – their failing point wasn’t their product, it was not having a customer.”

With the goal of becoming an essential source for people doing serious Bible study, Pritchett said that Logos’ market is fairly stable.

“The shifting tides of world religions doesn’t really affect us,” he said. “The Bible is the best-selling book of all time.”

“By focusing on the pastors, we’re focusing on a long-term investment—not the guy who decides if he’s going to church or not every week,” he added. “We want to build tools that improve the quality of their teaching. Nobody has time to sift through 250 books in preparation for a sermon each week.”

If you’re looking for more information about Logos, you’ll find it in the About area of Logos.com, which includes a Logos chronology, mission statement, and current job postings.


  1. Gary Crossman says

    There is also another story behind this story. The story of hundreds of Christians that God gave a vision of a computerized bible study program that would incorporate all the wonderful study aids into an easy to access package. We prayed and believed that God would bring it to pass and He found a willing servant to bring the vision into reality in Bob Pritchett. The Logos Bible Software System is an answer to prayer. Thank you Bob for being such a willing servant and thank you Lord for this magnificient resource for studing another great resource you blessed us with, The Bible.