World Factbook

The World Factbook is compiled by the US CIA and is just what it sounds like: A bunch of facts about every country in the world. The book also features nice, clean maps of every country and digital versions of the country’s flag. World Factbook cover

Since we published the 1996 edition in Logos-compatible format the CIA has dramatically improved the free online edition, but I still find our edition useful. It brings up interesting data on any country-oriented search, and I use it to get background when I’m preparing to talk with someone from another country. It is also easier to run full-text searches against the Logos-compatible version.

Earlier this year we updated our ebook to the 2004 edition. With all the maps and flags it is a big download, but since we just reduced the price to “free”, it is a great value. Enjoy!


  1. Whoo Whoo,
    Thanks Bob! I use the online WF fairly often but Now I’ve got it Libronixized.

  2. Free now: That is SO exciting! A good added value. I have been using the online version fairly regularly; having no need for the internet connection will be nicer.

  3. Frank M Horwill says

    Thanks, Bob.
    But please how do I unlock it after downloading?
    My Libronix unlocker says I have to pay.
    May the gifts and graces of the Lord ever be your portion

  4. The Libronix DLS doesn’t know about the price reduction — only the web site does. (Until you get updated price lists downloaded.) So you need to unlock it following the instructions on the web page — add it to your cart, check out, etc.
    Sorry for the confusion!