Opening Two Copies of the Same Book

I received the following comment regarding my post about Logos Workspaces:

I saw your post regarding your workspace in Libronix and I had a question: How do you open the same book twice? You did this for the ESV and I can not figure it out for the life of me. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks

I suppose this really isn’t prominently documented. But in Logos Bible Software, if you hold down the SHIFT key while clicking a link, you open a new version of the target resource.

So if you see a link for a Bible reference and SHIFT+Click the reference, a new version of your preferred Bible will open if you already have a copy open. This is very handy — it means you won’t lose your place in your primary Bible window (and any linked windows) by following bunny trails.

I usually keep a second version of the ESV open, and I also mark it as the Reference Target Window (the little red book icon in the book icon bar that has the arrow pointing to itself). That way, whenever I click a Bible reference, it will jump to that specific window — and not cause any of my other linked windows to jump around.
This SHIFT+Click logic carries to opening books in general. So if you're in My Library and do the SHIFT+Click book-opening dance, you'll open a new copy of the book you clicked. It's amazing what you learn when you write a blog article. A few folks here at the office read this one and told me I was missing out — that there are all sorts of ways to open another instance of the same resource. Some of these ways to open another copy of the same book include:

  • Window | New Window will spawn a new instance of the current window.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + N will spawn a new instance of the current window.
  • I've been told that in future versions of the LDLS (currently in alpha testing) will support multiple opening in the "Go"/Quick Nav box. So if you type 'ESV' and then ENTER, then ENTER again, two instances of the ESV will open.


  1. Steve Spencer says

    Thanks, Rick. I had the same question and did as you suggested…and “whalla”! Otherwise, I would like to ask you to continue providing useful tips and strategies for getting the most out of Libronix.
    P.S. Love the idea of a blog site.

  2. I think SHIFT + N will spawn a new instance of the current window (not CTRL + SHIFT + N).

  3. I think CTRL + N will spawn a new instance of the current window (not CTRL + SHIFT + N).

  4. Tim Branton says

    Thanks, Rick. Morris taught us this but I could not remember it. Maybe he needs to emphasize it a little more for dummys like me.

  5. Jorge Moreno says

    Great tips. I am a newbie to Logos and I am benefiting from the posted blog entries
    God Bless