One million pages later…

APT Book Scanner from Kirtas TechnologiesLast year we took delivery of a robotic book scanner and set it to work in a seminary library. Today we have scanned more than one million pages from more than 3,000 titles.

Ultimately we would like to make all of these books available in the Libronix DLS format, but that represents a lot of keyboarding and tagging. (Automated optical character recognition can help, but is not accurate enough.)

So we are preparing a way to present the scanned page images. We are also putting some of them to use as source documents for the Community Pricing Program. The Earlier Epistles of St. Paul and the J. A. Broadus Preaching Collection are both being prepared from scans, and many other candidates are awaiting your bid.


  1. Jeff Hansen says

    Ever since I read that article you had on the reader, I’ve wanted one. Then I discovered how much money they wanted for it… and I pretty much forgot about it. Still.. one can dream, no?
    PS: What’s that “way” you mentioned?? Curious to know more about that. What solution have you guys come up with?

  2. Very, very cool.