Hello, My Name is Daniel

SnapshotAnother introduction…I’m Daniel Foster and I work in the marketing department at Logos. We get a lot of grief from the developers about belonging to “the Darkside” but they still share their hot sauce if we ask nicely.

Could be their suspicion is aroused by the motto on my whiteboard: Marketing: We don’t make the things you want…we make you want them!

But in truth, our job is simply to get the word out about Logos Bible Software and all the great things it can do. As soon as someone sees and understands what the software will do to revolutionize their Bible study, they’re sold!

I get to do a lot of PR-related stuff, which means I’m the face of the organization to product reviewers and press reporters. In addition to reviews, I work to get us press in various magazines and journals, whether Christian or secular. I’m also involved in writing for and helping to maintain the content on the website, managing our affiliate program, and working on various other super-secret projects I can’t reveal.

I’ve been with Logos for 3 1/2 years and moved out here to Washington from the Midwest where I was raised among Yoopers. My schooling thus far has consisted of 4 years at Hope College and 2 years at University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Foremost among the delights in my life are my wife, Rachel, and two girls, Karis (2 1/2) and Esther (16 months). Rachel and I have also been blessed to have traveled in Europe and lived in Brazil for 7 months in 2001.

“Português é a lingua mais linda do mundo.”

There you have it…my introduction.


  1. Patrick Buckley says

    Dear Daniel,
    I’ve read your Greek dictionary blog with interest as I was trying to find out how in practice one could use one of Logos’LSJ dictionaries to assist with the reading of a Greek text (at the moment I am reading the Odyssey). I am familiar with the Collins French-English dictionary, where you type in (using a qwerty keyboard)as many letters as are needed to specify the word. But how do you type the letters of a Greek headword to do the same look-up job? I have an Oxford Latin dictionary in digital form and this is brilliant as I can click on a word in the original text (downloaded from a library website and running on screen) and superimposed analyser and translation boxes appear. It seems that your Greek dictionaries would work in the same way – if so,this would be heaven-sent! Is this so?

  2. Hi Daniel. While researching Logos as a gift for Mina I saw your name on a blog. I knew you had come out this direction but I didn’t remember that you came out to work for Logos. Neat to run into your blog.

  3. Burt and Mina! How are you two and where are you? In Colorado flying myself and working to figure out where God wants me to touch men for His kingdom… drop me a note! kip@warton.info