Bob Pritchett – Introduction

I’m Bob Pritchett and I am one of the cofounders of Logos Bible Software, so I have been here since the very beginning.

I don’t write much code anymore (which is one reason the application is so solid now!) but I am still actively involved in the design of the Libronix Digital Library System and I do a lot of the research on new features and technologies.

My personal blog is at, and you’ll find a number of Logos-related posts there over the past two years. Among my favorites are two from 2003:

And, of course, the start of our video tour:

I will try to get more video online here soon; let me know if there is something in particular you would like to see.


  1. David Wilson says

    Not a video request but more of a software design issue : Any way we can get the Libronix Update tool to run in the background and NOT lock up all the other windows on the program – I would at least like to be able to scroll through an open text window to read while it is looking for updates !! The “look for updates” can take quite some time….

  2. Jeff Scarborough says

    To Bob Pritchett: Two things: First, are there any plans to have an add-in to do block diagramming for scripture passages? You have a sentence diagrammer, but not a block diagrammer. Walter Kaiser wrote an excellent book named “Toward an Exegetical Theology” that covers in detail “block diagramming” so that you capture the essence of the passage and that leads you to a Theme Statement and Outline of the passage. Very helpful in preparing a sermon! Secondly, how about including a youth ministry book as one of your resources. There is an excellent one named “The Youth Ministry Manual” by Wyatt, Riser, and Murphy. Thanks for the great products!