2 Days Left to Get the 500 Book Mega Pack, 2015 Edition

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This is it.
The end is near.
The final countdown.
It’s your very last chance.

In just two days, on December 31 at midnight, the 500 Book Mega Pack, 2015 Edition will be gone for good. So if you want to get 500 books, worth over $8,000, for just a dollar a book, now is the time to act.

About the 500 Book Mega Pack, 2015 Edition

It was theologian Desiderius Erasmus who once said, “When I have little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”

Books create experiences that lead us into new worlds—known and unknown. Books teach us what our forefathers learned through the troubles and victories of life. Books give us insight into life, love, fear, prayer, worship, and wisdom.

Nothing adds to our intellect more than reading good books.

That’s why we created the 500 Book Mega Pack 2015 Edition. The Mega Pack offers a tremendous opportunity to add the collective wisdom and perspective of those who have shaped our theology through the ages to your library.

Whether you’re sitting by the fireplace with your favorite cup of tea, studying for a big final exam, or preparing next Sunday’s sermon, the 500 Book Mega Pack will empower you to discover better insights. You will gain access to commentaries, collected works, sermons, life works, dogmatic theology, and more, by authors such as: John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, John Newton, Philip Schaff, J.B. Lightfoot, R.A. Torrey, A.W. Pink, and many others.

With the 500 Book Mega Pack, you’ll get the entire collection of:

If you were to purchase these five collections individually, they would cost $979.79. But when you get them in the Mega Pack, you get all five collections and 410 other books for just $499.99!

This is it! Offer ends December 31

Don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity to add up to 500 books to your library at an unbelievable price. This offer ends at 11:59 (PT), Dec. 31, 2015. Get the 500 Book Mega Pack while you still can!

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