1 Simple Reason to Get the IVP Reference Bundle


You may have heard about the flash sale going on right now on the IVP Reference Bundle.

Here’s one simple reason to get it: you basically get two free collections if you do.

The standout collection in the bundle is the IVP Bible Dictionary Series, normally priced at $329.99. This week only you can get it—along with two other collections—for $349.99, just $20 more.

That means 33 more books for just $20!

With this purchase, you get three collections—6 dictionaries, 20 commentaries, and 13 pocket dictionaries—for about the price of one.

That is winning math, especially when you consider the place the IVP Bible Dictionary Series holds in biblical scholarship.

About the Series

Browse virtually any seminary library and you’ll see all of these books—perhaps multiple copies—in the reference section. They’re so ubiquitous they’ve even been nicknamed the IVP Black Dictionaries, for the book jacket color.

What makes biblical-theological dictionaries such a fine resource is that each article is written by an expert on that particular subject. General editors assign terms with care, seeking out a scholar with highly detailed knowledge of the term. (And you’ll know it’s detailed by the lengthy bibliographies that conclude each entry.)

So a dictionary is having all the brightest minds on biblical minutia compiled into one.

And even better, in Logos those dictionary entries are linked to your entire Logos library to make them easy to reference while you study—or to launch into Bible study from a dictionary entry.

Why act now

Simply put, this is an unmatched opportunity to get one of the greatest works of biblical scholarship compiled in the last 100 years.

For just $20 more than the price of the collection, you get two more collections—a commentary series edited by the esteemed New Testament scholar Grant Osborne, and a collection of dictionaries, handbooks, and guides to keep you sharp on important terms in biblical scholarship.

Get the nearly three-for-one deal now. And hurry, the sale ends Oct. 27 at midnight (PDT).  

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