Get More Out of Your Searches

With Logos 5, even complex searches become a breeze with new Search Suggestions. Not only can you get specific ideas on what to look for—you can find what you’re looking for instantly!

How smart are our new Search Suggestions? Well, they’ll:

  • Show you how to run basic, Bible, clause, morphology, and syntax searches by giving you examples
  • Display searches in analysis view to reference parts of speech and syntactic roles
  • Allow you to search Greek and Hebrew words phonetically

Get more out of your searches. Get Logos 5 before introductory discounts expire!

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One Response to “Get More Out of Your Searches”

  1. Jim January 13, 2013 at 12:28 pm #

    I ask I know that Paul said he saw 3rdheaven is there a 1&2 ?